Is Cold Brew the Same as Iced Coffee?
Although both drinks are served cold, that's really the biggest similarity. Iced coffee is simply hot-brewed coffee poured over ice. You're basically just getting watered-down, diluted coffee, which isn't fun for anyone.
Why would you want to pay more money for less coffee?! You don't.
Cold brew is actually brewed in a completely different way than hot-brewed coffee. Think more like a French Press - ground coffee is steeped in cold, filtered water for a period of time. You actually brew more coffee beans when it's cold, than traditional brewing methods. And who DOESN'T want MORE COFFEE?!
Once the coffee is finished steeping in the cold water, and we do some other stuff with science, the end product is a strong concentrate that can be mixed with less water to give you that great coffee taste we all know and love.
None of that watery garbage. 
Is there MORE Caffeine In Cold Brew?
Actually, there's less! When you brew coffee the traditional "hot" way, you actually extract MORE caffeine from the beans than when you brew it cold. MEANING, you can have yourself an obscene amount of coffee and not feel guilty about it at all. 
We won't judge. 
Why Cold Brew Coffee?
Cold brew is up to 60% less acidic than traditional, hot-brewed coffee. Less acid in your coffee means less bitterness, a smoother taste, and a drink that's better for your teeth and stomach! Cold brew keeps the natural sweetness of the coffee, has more body, and is the perfect way to get your caffeine fix without sacrificing taste!
 What If I Like Hot Coffee?
That's awesome! You can heat up our coffee and it still tastes delicious! Heat it with a steam wand or throw it in the microwave, and you'll still have the same great taste of Nitro Joe's as a hot beverage.
Why Infuse with Nitrogen?
 Nitrogen is actually a natural food preservative. It helps keep the coffee fresher for an even longer period of time than  traditional cold brew. Nitrogen also gives the coffee a smooth and creamy taste, so you don't even have to add extra sugar or flavoring to give your taste buds a treat!
What's in Your Cold Brew?
Coffee and water - plain and simple! Because we use the highest quality processing materials, we don't need to add anything else to our cold brew to make it taste delicious.
Does Your Cold Brew Coffee Have to Stay Refrigerated?
 Yes. Because we value a high-quality taste, we do not use any additives or artificial preservatives, so our coffee must stay refrigerated. However, we will soon be launching our products through a process that will allow shelf-stability, so you won't need to refrigerate your cold brew until after you open it.
Stay tuned for more information on that new process!